2022 A New Year and a great opportunity for all ‘Responsible Persons’ in London and Greater Manchester to step up and have a fresh approach to Fire Safety!

Perhaps in the past Fire Safety has been pushed onto the back burner as there are always other priorities but why not have a re-think and for 2022 make it the year to focus of Fire Safety!

As the identified ‘Responsible Person’ you are ultimately the person responsible for the safety of your Staff, Visitors, Residents and of course the Building! The buck lies with you! So instead of putting Fire Safety off why not sit down and rethink your priorities.

First Step – Check you Fire Safety Risk Assessment – is it up to date? Is it ‘suitable and sufficient’? Does it have a Fire Safety Emergency Plan? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above, then it’s time to get a move on and find a Fire Safety Risk Assessor who is qualified and insured to carryout a Fire Safety Inspection/Audit.

Don’t take a chance on just any Fire Protection Service company offering all kinds of cheap deals take your time and find someone independent, qualified and fully insured.

Once you have a Fire Safety Assessor onboard and the Fire Safety Risk Assessment has been completed it is then time for the identified ‘Responsible Person’ to step up and take control.

As part of the Fire Risk Assessment you will be supplied with a Fire Safety Management Plan – Significant Findings. This is basically your ‘job list’ – don’t just keep it in the drawer and think you have done your bit by getting and report in place – it’s only the beginning. It is your responsibility now to action on all the findings!

If you can’t physically complete the Fire Safety Actions yourself then you will need to call in the professionals, but you can’t ignore it. The Fire Safety Actions are what you have to do to put the Fire Safety deficiencies right. Get a good team of people around you and get the jobs done. It is imperative that you keep the Fire Safety Management Plan up to date so that if for some reason the Fire Brigade visit, or your insurance company want to see it – the document is up to date and informative as it reflects the level of Management in place.

London Fire Risk Assessments are an independent Fire Safety Consultancy based in London and Greater Manchester. We would be happy to chat through any of your Fire Safety concerns or we can book you in a Fire Safety Inspection/Audit. You can be confident that our advice is unbiased as we are completely independent of any Fire Protection Services or Networking Companies. Plus, all our Assessors are retired Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers – so we have been on both sides – fighting Fires and preventing them! Give our friendly support teams a call now on 0781 8888626 for London or 07824 185293 for Greater Manchester alternatively click here.