All London Commercial Premises and Residential Blocks of Flats should Review & Revise their current Fire Safety Risk Assessment to reflect the implications of Covid -19.

Most Premises have been affected by the Covid-19 virus, premises have been shutdown, or numbers of Staff reduced and/or Staff working from home. It’s the identified ‘Responsible Persons’ responsibility to reflect the imposed changes in their Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

If the premise has been shutdown then you should reflect in your Fire Safety Risk Assessment the procedures you have followed in making the premise safe i.e. ensuring that electrical appliances have been switched off and unplugged. Heating has been turned off and the premise is secure and safe from arson to name but a few.

If your premise is open but you have only a skeleton Staff operating then you need to ensure they are in a safe environment. Do they know what to do if a Fire broke out – are there sufficient Fire Marshals in place? Is the ‘Responsible Person’ checking on them frequently so that they feel supported?

If you have Staff working from Home then the ‘Responsible Person’ needs to ensure that there are procedures in place for safe working and communication lines are kept open with frequent checks on the employees wellbeing.

London Fire Risk Assessments has prepared a Questionnaire designed to help the ‘Responsible Persons’ consider various points within their Fire Safety Risk Assessment that may need to be ‘reviewed and revised’. The Questionnaire is free and is London Fire Risk Assessments way of helping business through these tough times. Contact us on 0781 8888626 or via email we are here to help!