Are you selling your London Flat and need a quick Fire Safety Risk Assessment – then you need London Fire Risk Assessments ‘Express’ Service now!

So many Clients get to that all important stage of Exchanging Contracts and then Solicitors ask for the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the common parts of your purpose built block of Flats – Bet you didn’t even know you needed one!

So you need to act quickly but where do you start?

First step: You have to find a third party competent person to carry out a Fire Safety Inspection – but where do you find a qualified London based Fire Safety Consultancy?

Look no further London Fire Risk Assessments can help they have fully qualified Fire Safety Risk Assessors and they have an ‘Express’ service that can meet your deadline!.

Call London Fire Risk Assessments now and ask for a ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment package with the ‘Express’ service and they will help you get into your new home quick!

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