BBQ coals sets shed alight in Bermondsey, London

‘Cool your coals’ is the advice from firefighters as a bag of hot coals was to blame for a garden shed blaze on Timber Pond Road in Bermondsey.

The Brigade believes that coals used in a barbecue were bagged up while still hot and when the owner woke up he saw his shed alight. The fire completely destroyed the shed and nearby fencing. It also spread to a neighbours fence and partly damaged their shed.

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“Fires involving barbecues don’t only come during cooking but long after you’ve polished off the bangers and burgers. It’s important that you cool your coals and ash before you dispose of them. Also make sure the barbecue is cool before you try to move it.” To read more click here.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice to customers: Residential Blocks of Flats in London should not have BBQ’s on their balconies and we are always questioned why not, what could go wrong? When you read the above report from the London Fire Brigade you can understand why not!!!

It is amazing what people do, its not intentional of course, but some people have a minds set of ‘It wont happen to me” but of course it can!. If this scenario happened in a block of Flats the consequences would have affected far more people. Its not just BBQ’s that are a problem – we have dealt with a Residential Block of Flats in London that have a car park underneath the building. Obviously there are plenty of cars parked but the Residents keep storing their left over DIY materials, oil and petrol to top up, aerosols and wait for it ……..a pallet full of highly inflammable ‘Heat Logs’! One source of ignition and then there is a huge problem.

The Fire Risk Assessment for the Block of Flats identifies that they should be removed immediately and the Assessor met with Managing Agent and Resident to explain why – outcome – the Resident still refuses to move them!!!

If you are concerned about excessive Fire Loading in your Block of Flats check your Fire Risk Assessment and if you need anymore advice contact us on 01689 890879