Covid-19 and working from Home – time to have a Fire Safety check to keep you and your family safe!

With thousands of people across the country working from home, playing their part in the war against Covid-19, it may be time to take just a few minutes to do a Fire Safety check!

A few things to consider:

Electrical – with families being isolated, technology is playing a huge part in keeping everyone connected and entertained. Double check that you are not overloading extension leads, sockets are not showing signs of overheating and chargers are not left plugged in and unattended.

Heaters – it may be Spring but there is still a nip in the air so the heating may be on in the evenings. Double check that soft furnishing, clothes and other combustible materials are away from the heater and never cover electric convector heaters.

Smoking – you may or may not smoke in the house but if you do try not to smoke in bed or if you are feeling sleepy. Make sure you extinguish the cigarette properly and always use an ashtray or metal container.

Candles – creating an atmosphere and a change of mood is a nice idea, an excuse to dress up and enjoy a nice meal! Never leave a candle unattended and never position them near soft furnishings and finally make sure you extinguish them properly!

Know the Plan – London Fire Brigade have had a long running campaign to encourage families to ‘know the plan’ in case of an emergency. Make sure that the means of escape out of the home is kept clear and everyone knows what to do if things went wrong! This is particularly important if you have vulnerable or disabled persons in the home.

If you need any further advice on Fire Safety then contact London Fire Risk Assessments on 0781 8888626 or email our advice is free!