Firefighters investigate smoke at Bexleyheath Shopping Centre

Five London Fire Brigade fire engines and 31 firefighters and officers investigated reports of smoke at a shopping centre on Albion Street in Bexleyheath, this morning.

Around 400 people were evacuated from the shopping centre by staff before the Brigade arrived and there were no injuries.

Firefighters located and put out a small fire in an exterior expansion joint of the building, which is believed to have been caused by a discarded cigarette.

Firefighters from Plumstead, Erith, Eltham and Bexley fire stations attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: Would you believe itLondon Fire Brigade reported: “Last year around three fires a day in London were linked to smoking and half of accidental fire deaths were related to careless disposal of cigarettes Your Domain Name.” London Fire Risk Assessments would suggest that Commercial premises consider enforcing their ‘No Smoking’ Policy to the external areas of their premise.