Fires in London Purpose Built Blocks of Flat caused by unattended Cooking and Candles!

London Fire Brigades Incident page is an interesting read when it comes to identifying the cause of Fires in Residential Purpose Built Blocks of Flats. A good number of Fires are caused by unattended Cooking and Candles, so much so that the Brigade has issued advice to the Public. Click here to view.

Once a Fire takes hold it can move very fast so suitable compartmentation between Flats and Flats and the Communal area is imperative. A good Fire Door to the Entrance to the Flat is a must too. To ensure your Block of Flats are up to Standard check your Fire Risk Assessment as it will outline any deficiencies and will list any Fire Safety Actions needed to put things right.

A Fire Safety Emergency Plan is part of the Fire Risk Assessment for the Block of Flats and should be displayed in the Communal area it is essential that Residents are aware of the Emergency Plan. If you are required to leave your Flat you must move quickly and knowing your Means of Escape will help you evacuate quickly and calmly.

Check with your Management Company if you haven’t seen your Fire Risk Assessment or Emergency Plan – alternatively London Fire Risk Assessments can carry our a full Fire Safety Inspection and Audit and compile a Risk Assessment for you. Contact us now for free Fire Safety advice or to book a Fire Safety Inspection 01689 890879