Getting ready for the festive season! Time to test those Christmas Tree lights!!!

It’s the season to be jolly ……….. time to get your home ready for the festivities.

Don’t take any risks, your family is too important to take chances, check the Christmas Tree lights before you put them up!!

How old are they? Do they have any signs of overheating? Are the wires showing any cracks or breaks? If so it’s time to replace them!

If you are a Property Management Company or a Residents Association and you want to decorate your Entrance Hall to your blocks of Flats – Check your Fire Risk Assessment for the premise as it may not allow extra Fire Loading on the means of escape. It you decide to go ahead check the lights – it may be cheaper in the long run to replace them!

Make sure the position of the Christmas Tree is not obstructing the means of escape and the Tree is not adjacent to any heaters.

For further Fire Safety advice contact London Fire Risk Assessments – we have a jolly bunch of Elves waiting for your call!!! 01689 890879