Hundreds of London Residential Tower Blocks are lacking up to date Fire Safety Risk Assessments – Time to demand change! If you are a Resident ask to see a copy of the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your Block of Flats and check to make sure that the Council or Property Management Company that is looking after your Block of Flats is complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Eight London borough councils have admitted to failing to conduct Fire Safety Risk Assessments in 342 Tower blocks for more than a year, with some not having been checked for more than three years!!! We have no idea if Property Management Companies are keeping up with their obligation to provide compliant Fire Safety Risk Assessments for their portfolio of properties!!

Fire Safety is so very important especially when people are living and sleeping in the environment! Time for Residents to do some checking – you have every right to witness your Fire Safety Risk Assessment so ask to see a copy!

If you are a Resident Association you to must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on the communal area or your conversion or block of flats even if it is just a staircase and entrance hall!

Fire Risk Assessors carry out a full inspection they will look at compartmentation, travel distance, Means of Escape, Flat entrance doors, Electrical Intake and meter cupboards, storage cupboards, emergency lighting, Fire alarms and extinguishers to name but a few.

If you have any Fire Safety concerns and need some free advise or you need to book a fully qualified Fire Risk Assessor to carry our a Fire Safety Inspection call London Fire Risk Assessments now on 01689 890879