London Flat Fire – 4 year old little girl rescued by London Fire Brigade.

London Fire Brigade reported on their incident page that Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus rescued a four year old girl from a flat fire in Bethnal Green.

A woman who had escaped from the blaze, along with two children, met fire crews arriving on scene. She told crews that her young daughter was still inside the flat so they immediately entered the property and rescued the girl.

The flat on the third floor was badly damaged by the blaze and made uninhabitable. Around 20 people evacuated the property before the arrival of the Brigade. To read more click here.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice to customers: When a Fire starts it moves quickly so you must be prepared to do the same!! Know your Fire Safety Emergency Plan so you and your family can get out quick. If you live in a block of flats or a house converted into Flats you should have a Fire Risk Assessment for the common areas. It’s the law – so check with the Property Management Company or Association that your Fire Risk Assessment is up to date and get a copy of the Fire Safety Emergency Plan. If you have to evacuate then make sure your family know the route out. Your Property Management Company should be issuing Fire Safety advice – if you have to stay in your flat know how to keep safe until the Fire Brigade arrive. If you need Fire Safety advice call us now on 01689 890879 we have a friendly team who can help