Soho tailor fire prompts halogen light warning

A tailor’s workshop on the top floor of a building on Foubert’s Place in Soho was damaged by fire. London Fire Brigade Fire investigators believe the blaze may have been caused by the radiant heat from a halogen wall light placed too close to a wooden shelf and other combustible items.

The blaze has prompted a safety warning about keeping bright lights, such as halogen lamps, away from combustible materials.

A passer-by raised the alarm and called the Brigade after spotting smoke outside the premises.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus forced entry to the tailor’s workshop and brought the fire under control. The fire was confined to the workshop, which was partly damaged by the blaze.

London Fire Brigade’s Head of Fire Investigation Charlie Pugsley said:

“Very bright lights, such as halogen lamps, can get incredibly hot and set fire to combustible materials so it’s important to keep them well away from anything that might catch fire, such as wood or fabric. Keep clothing, sheets, and curtains well away too and always turn them off when you leave the room.”

Two fire engines and around 12 firefighters and officers from Soho fire station attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: Keeping combustible materials and combustible waste away for ignition sources is so important. The LFRA co-ordinating team monitor the levels of combustibles at all the sites they project manage – “It is an ongoing issue in some premises to get people to reduce their Fire Loading. People think we are overly cautious and that their few items of storage cant possibly make a difference”. “We have seen Residential Storage cupboards crammed so full that the items stored have broken the internal cupboard light and damaged the false ceilings”. It is so important to keep Fire Loading to a minimum and all combustibles away from ignition sources – The Fire Risk Assessment for you premise should identify and deficiency in regards to Fire Loading so check it out.

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