Some Fire Safety advice for Tenants – your Landlord has an obligation as the ‘Responsible Persons’ to keep your property safe from Fire and keep your Fire Safety Emergency Plan up to date.

If you live in a purpose-built maisonette or flat your landlord must provide you with Fire Safety information, including a Fire Safety Emergency Plan.

If any building refurbishment or redecoration work is done to your flat or building, or defects are identified that could enable fire spread, your Landlord must update your Fire Safety Emergency Plan, and let you know about any changes.

What to look out for in your building

Fire safety in all buildings is also dependent upon good maintenance and housekeeping. In maisonettes and blocks of flats it’s essential that:

  • All flat front doors and doors on corridors and staircases must be ‘self-closing’ fire doors and NOT wedged open
  • Don’t store items in the corridors or staircases as they can feed a Fire. Stored items can block escape routes and stop fire-fighters doing their job.
  • Make sure everyone who lives in the building know the Fire Safety Emergency Plan.
  • Check that there are signs to show you how to escape the Fire.

If you’re concerned about any of these things, contact your Landlord and ask to witness the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the premise.

For more Fire Safety advice go to the London Fire Brigade website alternatively contact London Fire Risk Assessments we have a support team ready to listen and give you some free advice. 01689 890879 or click here