The importance of Fire, Health & Safety Risk Assessments in Residential Care Homes

We were contacted by a concerned Client re the Staffing Levels in a Residential Care Home in South West London. The elderly relative had just joined the Home and reported to him that there was only one member of Staff at night to look after 30 people.

The Client spoke with one of our Risk Assessors for sometime to get advice as to where he could obtain guideline numbers of required ratio Staff to Service Users.

It was recommended that he should start with DCLG Guidance Residential Care Homes Pages 68, 70-71, 72, 75, 129 and then go to Care Quality Commission Regulation 18.

Whilst this information is invaluable both point to Risk Assessing. Every Residential Care Home is different and the required level of Staffing will reflect the Service Users needs.

We suggested that probably the best way forward would be to witness the Premise Fire, Health & Safety Risk Assessments because within the documents it would outline the Evacuation procedure and there it will identify required Staffing levels.

A lot for the Client to think about and investigate but hopefully he will be able to put the Relative and the Family’s minds at rest.

This advice was given on a complimentary basis not only as a better business practice but because of a true concern in regards to peoples Fire, Health and Safety.

We carry out many Risk Assessments for Residential Care Homes in London and the surrounding area. If you are not sure that the Risk Assessment you have for your Home contains an effective and workable Evacuation Plan contact us on 01689 890879 or click here for more information.

We are highly regarded for our Emergency Plans including Phased Horizontal Evacuation technics.