With Halloween and Fire Work Night safely delivered, now many Shops, Cafes and Restaurants turn their focus towards Christmas! After a restricted year last year perhaps, it might be nice to get the twinkling lights and bauble’s out a little earlier!

It is not just Shops, Cafes and Restaurants who like to decorate, you have Offices, Hotels, Care Homes and Schools all wanting to add a bit of sparkle to their environment – after all it is the time to be jolly!

But, first let us take a minute to think about Fire safety because after all the last thing we want is a Fire! Remember that the Christmas decorations have been hidden in a cupboard or in a loft space for a year and before you use them (especially the lights) we need to check for any signs of damage. Are there any bare wires or is there any signs of overheating and check how many years you have had them – ask yourself is it time for a new set?

Candles is another serious consideration, why not try the LED candles there are some super ones that give a great ambiance, and they are a lot safer!

The other important check is making sure that the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the premise is current and any deficiencies identified within the report have been addressed. Its important to keep you risk of Fire low and any additional ignitions sources need to be monitored closely.

If you would like any Fire Safety advice before you start your Christmas preparations or you want to book a Fire Safety Risk Assessment, then give us a call. We have a friendly support team in London (0781 8888626) and Manchester (07824 185293) or click here to book an appointment.