Fire Brigade Notices

So, the Enforcing Authority have visited and identified you as “The Responsible Person,” and that, they believe there are deficiencies with your Premise. They have served you a Notice and now compel you to comply with it.

We can help.  

All of our Assessors are retired, London Fire Brigade, Fire Safety Inspecting Officers.

We are the people who carried out the Inspections, identified the Deficiencies and the necessary steps to be taken in order to comply with the Legislation. We can offer this expertise to you and work on your behalf.

Allow us to represent you and liaise on your behalf, let us satisfy those Deficiencies, draft the Notifications in regards to your Alteration Notice, proof compliance in regards to your Enforcement Notice and address the restrictions and impositions of your Prohibition Notice and identify and offer the provisions and procedures to comply with specific Health & Safety Improvement and, or Prohibition Notices.

We are the Professionals and we have a 100% success rate