5 Step Process

Step One   

Identify Fire Hazards

Sources of Ignition

Sources of Fuel

Sources of Oxygen

Step Two   

Identify People at Risk

People in and within the vicinity of the premises

People especially at risk including disabled, vulnerable persons

5 Step Process-Risk Dial

Step Three  

Evaluate, Substitute, Remove, Reduce, Isolate, Control and Protect from Risk

Evaluate the risk of a Fire occurring

Evaluate the risk to people from Fire

Remove or Reduce Fire hazards

Remove or Reduce the risks to people

London Fire Risk Assessments will evaluate the suitability and sufficiency of:

Detection and Warning

Fire-fighting provisions

Escape routes

Emergency Escape Lighting

Signs and notices

Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Recording

Step Four   

Record, Plan, Inform, Instruct and Train

We will record all Significant Findings and present and programme preventative and protective measures to be taken

We will prepare a site specific Fire Emergency Plan and take measures to Inform and Instruct relevant people

We will instigate a co-operation and co-ordination procedure with other Responsible Persons

Provide Training

Step Five   


We will give you notice and Instruction to:

Keep the Fire Risk Assessment under Review

Revise where necessary