Entertainment, Restaurants & Bars

This Sector includes; Theatres, Cinemas, Concert Venues, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, Exhibition, Conference, Community, Village, Church Halls, Churches and other place of Worship. All places where people assemble, looking for either light entertainment or enlightenment, and we make sure that they can do this safely.

The Fire Risk Assessment on a Premise such as those identified should allow those managing the Premise to do just that and let us worry about the Fire Safety.

Getting it right for you

You know your Business but we know all of the relevant Guidance including Department for Communities.

Local Government Guidance. Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

    • Fire Safety in Small to Medium Places of Assembly
    • Fire Safety in Large Places of Assembly
    • Fire Safety in Places of Worship

We not only know how to satisfy the Guidance, we know how best to use it, for example; In any Licensed Premise, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 takes precedence over the Licensing Authority and therefore any restrictions on the Premise, such as the capacity limit, would have to be in accordance with the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment.

A Fire Risk Assessment is a Legislative requirement that you have to meet but it should also meet your expectations and work for you.

Which Fire Risk Assessment Package will suit your needs best:

For a small, uncomplicated premise choose our Standard Package. If you are up against a deadline use our Express package. For premises with complications which require Fire Safety liaison with the Authorities use our Plus package.

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