Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety Policy-Red Pencil on Document

The Fire Safety Policy will confirm the identity of the Responsible Person and their aim and commitment to ensure that all risks are identified and appropriate precautions identified and implemented to reduce the level of Fire risk to an acceptable level.

The Fire Safety Policy will identify and allocate responsibilities and will confirm the commitment to ensure the highest levels of Fire Safety for all who frequent the Premise and to ensure compliance to the Regulatory Reforms (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It will show an acceptance of the obligations for effective Fire Safety and the need to ensure that all persons legitimately on the Premise, where appropriate, are fully briefed as to their responsibilities under the Order.

The Fire Safety Policy will identify a commitment for effective Fire Safety through information, instruction, training and inspection and positive management in regards to Fire Safety provisions, maintenance and testing so as to fulfill their statutory requirement.

We will draft a Fire Safety Policy that will be specific to the Premise and will detail the accepted Evacuation Strategy and what the Responsible Person expects to happen in their Premise, in a time of Emergency.