Fire Safety Liaison

Fire Safety Liaison-Emergency Contact

London Fire Risk Assessments can liaise, on your behalf with both Statutory Authorities and Professional bodies.


The Fire Brigade. Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

Local Authority Building Control, Approved Building Inspectors

Licensing Authorities, including applications, submissions and appeals

Environmental Health and Consumer Protection and bodies such as the Care Quality Commission.

We are both trained and experienced in the methodology and modes of operation of Statutory Authorities and fully conversant with the terminology.

We can liaise on your behalf with Professional Persons and Organisations including:






London Fire Risk Assessments offer their professional and informed services to provide advice and guidance at the earliest stage to initiate Fire provisions at the design phase and to achieve Fire Safety upon completion.

We are happy to be involved in any project, at any time, from the Planning stage of a proposal right through to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the completed premises.

It is a lot easier, and cost effective, to amend with a pencil and an eraser than it is to revise with machinery and materials.

We can offer proposals, alternatives and solutions and even avoid costly, unnecessary additions and over provisions.

We can check that the proposed and produced premises is compliant with approved Guidance and Regulations or meets the functional requirements in another, acceptable way.

LONDON FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS can help carry the burden of Fire Safety and allow you to concentrate on what you do.