Fire Safety Problems & Solutions

Fire Safety Problems & Solutions-ten pin bowling analygy

It may be that you just want to know when and how to carry out a Fire Drill

It may be that you are unsure on how many Fire Extinguishers you require or if you have enough Smoke Detectors

It may be that you just need someone to come to site and give an opinion on a change you may want to make to you premise…

Poppins!!! Quick, On Site, Straight Forward Talking!

London Fire Risk Assessments has introduced a ‘Poppin’ service in response to the huge demand from Clients who just want sound, unbiased on site advice from a Fire Safety Expert!

Very often there are problems or issues that you are just not sure about and you need a sounding board – you may have the solution but just need a friendly Fire Safety Expert to confirm your thoughts. Alternatively you have a problem and need a Fire Safety solution – not a report just advice.

Just call us on 0781 8888626 London and 07824 185293 Manchester, talk it through with one of the team and we will make an appointment ………… £75 for one hour on site advice and you may have the solution to your problem!