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Manchester Fire Risk Assessments

Led by the Commercial, Media, Entertainment sectors and Educational expansion in the North, London Fire Risk Assessments have found themselves increasingly working in both London and Manchester. This started with a modest request, by a few Companies, Individuals and Organisations, for a uniform, integrated approach towards Fire Safety that had its roots in one place but with branches in another.

There was an identified need for the Fire Safety Policies in one place to be “mirrored” in the other, not only for consistency and ease of understanding but also for the same, exacting standards towards Fire Safety to be applied “across the board.”

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Right Time to Forge Ahead

Taking advantage of the improved and improving road and rail infrastructure, we found ourselves travelling up and down the country and carrying out Fire Safety Risk Assessments in both the Capital – London and what has now become the Capital of the North – Manchester.

Inspired, again by the Commercial, Media, Entertainment sectors and Educational facilities, we have been quick to realise that it is best to have some of our key people, in place, locally hence a new Fire Risk Assessment division for Manchester.

We are one of the countries original Fire Risk Assessment Companies established at the instigation of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, with a team of fully qualified Risk Assessors, all retired Fire Authority, Fire Safety Inspecting Officers, with many years of Fire Safety expertise.

We are independent of any supplier or installer of Fire Alarms or Extinguishers and we are not a ‘networking’ Company. We are a dedicated, independent, Fire Risk Assessment Company and we are best placed to provide you with sound, impartial advice on all aspects of Fire Safety.

Our range of Fire Safety Risk Assessment products for Manchester will suit all premises, large or small, in all industries including Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Cafes, Offices, Flats, Care Homes and Manufacturing. You can also be assured that our new customer support team for Manchester will be with you all through the Fire Risk Assessment process, they will talk you through the Fire Safety Inspection, the Fire Risk Assessment documents including the Fire Safety Management Action Plan, Fire Safety Policy and the Emergency Plan should you have any questions or concerns.

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Choose from our most popular Fire Risk Assessment Packages

Our ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment package is the perfect fit for Manchester’s diverse range of premises both large and small. The ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment is not a tick box checklist it is a detailed report that will identify any Fire Safety deficiencies within the premise and the Fire Safety Management Action Plan will tell you exactly what you need to do to put things right! ‘Express’ is the perfect solution for anyone in Manchester selling a Flat or if you need a Fire Risk Assessment quick to meet a tight deadline. ‘Express’ is the ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment delivered at speed! The ‘Plus’ package is designed for clients that need the ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment ‘Plus’ a little extra help either with a Fire Brigade Notice or perhaps an Asbestos report.

Prices start from £275 and there is no VAT – click below to find out more


Our benchmark Fire Risk Assessment designed to help you meet your obligations to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
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Delivers the ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment within the timescales you need!
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The ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment with additional support including help with Enforcement Notices
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You can be sure that our Manchester Fire Risk Assessments will enable you to meet your Fire Safety obligations with confidence!

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