Fire Safety Emergency Plans

The Emergency Plan will be drafted to be specific to the Premise and the use it is put to, it will detail the pre-planned procedures to be followed, which could be immediate or phased evacuation, or “stay put” as appropriate.

As well as identifying the Evacuation procedures, the Emergency Plan will also identify and allocate specific responsibilities in the event of a Fire, including;

Fire Safety Emergency Plans-Fire Exit Maze Metaphor
    • Actions on discovering a Fire
    • The Means and the Method of giving Warning
    • Calling the Fire Brigade
    • If appropriate, Evacuation of the Premise, including alerting those at risk and aiding those at particular risk
    • Any necessary Power and, or Process isolation
    • Place of Assembly and “Roll Call”
    • Liaison with the Emergency Services;

The Emergency Plan will also identify the available Emergency routes and any Fire fighting equipment and any and all required additional information, including, where appropriate, an End of Day Procedure.

A copy of the Fire Emergency Plan should be displayed conspicuously in the Premise and copies should be kept on the Premise and be available to all Relevant Persons and should form the basis of Instruction and, or Training.

The Form and Format of our documentation has been assessed with regards to all relevant Guidance including

PAS 79: Revised.2012.