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This sector includes; Residential Care and Nursing Homes. The communal areas of Premises such as

Sheltered Housing, where care is provided and other similar Premises, which are permanently staffed and where the primary use are the provision of care rather than Healthcare Premises. This sector also includes; Healthcare Premises where the uses are the provision of Treatments, Health related services and care.

Some Premises offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from specific to Holistic care, to meeting personal and, or Medical needs.

In either Residential Care or Healthcare Premise a Fire Risk Assessment would be a requirement of the relevant Governing body regardless of Public or Private sector status whether this is institutions such as the National Health Service or organisations such as the Care Quality Commission

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Relevant Guidance for Premises in this sector include; Department for Communities Local Government Guidance. Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

    • Residential Care Premises                                                                                                                                               

Typical places for Residential Care include those where care is provided for: the elderly or infirm, Children and Young persons, people with special needs such as those with learning difficulties or with mental or physical disabilities and other dependent people including those with addictions.

    • Healthcare Premises

Healthcare Premises would include Hospitals, Hospices, Doctors’ Surgeries, Clinics, Treatment and

“Drop In” Centres, Dentists and Premises offering general Health Care, Treatments and procedures.

Which Fire Risk Assessment Package will suit your needs best:

Our Standard Package is perfect for all premises, however if you need specific ‘Evacuation’ procedures for your Residents you may need our ‘Plus’ package.  If you haven’t got a Health & Safety Assessment in place you may want to consider our dual Fire Risk Assessment and Health & Safety package.

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