Fire Risk Assessment Audits & Reviews

London Fire Risk Assessments was one of the first to be represented on the Institution of Fire Engineers list of Fire Safety Consultants, having already been one of the first Companies to be registered on their list of Auditors and Assessors.

If you have employed a Fire Risk Assessment Company in the past we are best placed to audit their output and tell you if it was money well spent.

If either they or you have collated and compiled your Fire Risk Assessment, we can tell you if it would be deemed to be suitable and sufficient.

Your Fire Safety documentation may be out of date, it may no longer be valid and, or it may be based upon repelled legislation.

We can audit the documentation and where necessary and appropriate Review and Revise it.

We will audit and review all Fire Safety documentation including:

Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Safety Policies, Fire Emergency and Fire Safety Management Plans

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans and Fire Safety Training

We do not limit our Audit and Review services to documentation but will review process and procedures, systems and strategies, Any Passive and, or Active Fire Safety requirements, recommendations and routines.

We have over 14 years of experience in Audits and Reviews as, by legislative requirement, we have offered this to our existing Clients since our inception.