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This sector includes; Communal areas of Premises/Buildings where the main use is for sleeping accommodation that includes; Blocks of Flats, Apartments, Maisonettes and Houses in multiple occupation, HMO’s. Also included: Hotels, Hostels, sleeping, dining or other accommodation for Staff, Guests and Residents.

The Communal areas of sheltered accommodation, “Sleeping Areas” in Workplaces as in Licensed Premises and all Guest accommodation properties; Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns, Restaurants with rooms, Farmhouses and Self-catering accommodation. Homeless Persons’ Accommodation, Students Halls of Residence, Boarding Schools and Sleeping Accommodation in Seminaries and Religious Colleges are also included.

FAQ: Do communal areas in Residential premises need a Fire Risk Assessment even when the area is so small? Yes! – You may need a Health & Safety Risk Assessment too.

Getting it right for you

The First Assessment that needs to be made is to determine which Guidance is relevant to your Premise.

Guidance under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 would include;

    • Department for Communities Local Government Guidance Fire Safety Risk Assessment Sleeping Accommodation
    • Local Government Group. Fire Safety in purpose built blocks of Flats. L11-335.
    • LACORS. Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services. Local Government Regulations. Housing-Fire Safety. Guidance on Fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing.

It may be that you have been compelled to get a Fire Risk Assessment by a Fire Brigade Notice, Governing Body or Licensing Authority. Alternatively a Solicitor may ask for this to be carried out to complete the sale of your Flat. Whatever the requirement we can meet the need.

Which Fire Risk Assessment Package will suit your needs best:

Our Standard Package is perfect for all premises, but Express is best if you are selling your property.

Property Management Companies will benefit from both our  ‘Premier’ package or our dual Fire Risk Assessment and Health & Safety package.

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