London Fire Risk Assessments Introduces A New Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist As Part Of Their Risk Assessment Packages

As part of our Third Party Competency commitment, we have included a NEW Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist to all of our Fire Risk Assessment packages.

Our Checklist can be used as a means of supporting the Fire Safety Policy and identifying the required Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annual Inspection and Testing requirements and recommendations for your Premise.

The Tool is not meant as a substitute for a Risk Assessment but is meant to complement the Fire Safety Management Plan and give you the ability to Manage and Maintain your Active and Passive Fire Safety Prevention measures.

The Tool is generic and ideal for people managing Purpose Built Blocks of Flats, Flat Conversions, Residential Care Homes, Schools and Offices to name but a few, it can be simply modify, where necessary, to fit your needs.

There is also provision to incorporate the recommendations of Manufacturers and Installers of Fire Safety equipment such as Extinguishers and Fire Alarm systems that may have been installed in your Premise.

It should give you the Responsible Person, an opportunity to identify any concerns which may require further investigation and appropriate action. In larger and more complex Buildings it may highlight the need to seek the assistance of a competent person to carry out some of the checks.

London Fire Risk Assessments – always aiming to improve their service to their clients. Contact us now or Ring 01689 890879 to discuss the most suitable Risk Assessment package for you.

Landlords Note: The law changes in October 2015 – are you ready?

Landlords if you have not yet installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your rental properties you must do so by October this year!

The law is changing in regards to your obligation in providing alarm provisions in your rented properties.

The new requirements are: You must ensure that there is at least one smoke alarm per floor, as well as Carbon Monoxide alarms present in any rooms containing a fuel burning appliance. For more information <a title="Landlords – changes to the law are you ready" href="http://www cheapest levitra” target=”_blank”>click here

London Fire Brigades Commissioner Ron Dobson delivers Fantastic News.

Fire deaths in the capital have been cut in half over the last five years, according to new figures released.

Last year, 30 people sadly lost their lives to fire – the lowest figure this millennium – compared with 59 in 2010/11.

In the last year alone, the number of fatalities has come down by 30 per cent but fire chiefs are warning Londoners not to become complacent about their safety. The statistics also show recorded fires have fallen over time.

Last year there were around 54 fires each day compared to 75 fires per day in 2010/11.* The statistics also show that last year, for the first time since records began in 1966, there were fewer than 20,000 fires in a 12 month period.

“Fire stations and fire engines do not stop fires happening; proactive prevention work and a vigilant population does. The figures are a credit to firefighters, fire engineers, fire investigators, community safety specialists and many other staff who have made huge progress in educating people about the importance of fire safety.”

London Fire Risk Assessments Advice: What fantastic news for all in the Industry and for the Responsible Persons within all types of premises for taking Fire Safety so seriously and proactively protecting their people and property. Lets keep up the good work – for any Fire Safety advice call 01689 890879 alternatively just take a look at our Fire Risk Assessment packages to see how we can help you! Click here for more information

Battersea – gym evacuated after Restaurant fire

Four fire engines and 21 firefighters and officers were called to reports of a fire affecting a gym in Lavender Hill in Battersea.

Borough Commander Darren Munro who was at the scene said: “When crews arrived they discovered the fire had actually started in an outside area next to a restaurant below the gym and had then spread to a wall cavity attached to the restaurant. Smoke from the fire was affecting the gym so around 60 people were evacuated as a precaution.

“Our crews worked quickly to get the fire under control and stop it from spreading but will remain at the scene damping down remaining hot-spots for some time.”

London Fire Risk Assessments Advice: One of the lessons to be learnt from this incident is that you should always check that the Fire Risk Assessment for your Building identifies that as far as possible;  The Fire Compartmentation and Separation of areas which extends into created voids and that Ceilings and Walls are intact and form a suitable and sufficient, Fire resisting, Fire separating barriers. Check your Fire Risk Assessment and if that section is missing contact us now! 01689 890879 or click here