Have you just been issued a London Fire Brigade ‘Notice’ for your London premise and you don’t know whom to turn to for help? Look no further London Fire Risk Assessments can help!

It can be rather daunting when London Fire Brigade carryout an inspection at your London premise and then issue you with a ‘Notice of Deficiencies’ or an Enforcement Notice’. What do you do and who can help?

You need a London based Fire Safety Consultancy who can act as a third party competent person – Look no further London Fire Risk Assessments has the credentials!

All London Fire Risk Assessments Fire Safety Risk Assessors are retired London Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers and all have qualified with the Institute of Fire Engineers. They have years of experience and can help you find solutions to the requirements of the ‘Notice’.

Contact London Fire Risk Assessments now on 01689 890879 and talk through your ‘Notice of Deficiencies’ or ‘Enforcement Notice’ and get help from the professionals.