Selling a residential flat in Manchester and need a Fire Risk Assessment urgently – the new ‘Manchester’ division of London Fire Risk Assessments can help!

In our experience, many clients find themselves in a predicament when the Solicitor asks ‘I need a copy of the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the communal areas’ and there isn’t one! To help with this scenario London Fire Risk Assessments introduced the ‘Express’ service. This service has worked exceptionally well for over 14 years in London and now it is available in Manchester!

We will carry out a Fire Safety Inspection/audit and deliver the full Fire Risk Assessment report within 5 working days! To find our more contact London Fire Risk Assessments ‘Manchester’ division on 07824 185293 or click here

With Christmas fast approaching many commercial premises and households in London and Manchester are getting ready to create their festive displays! London Fire Risk Assessments suggests that the first job in the Christmas preparations should be a quick Fire Safety check!

Many people keep Christmas decorations for years and why not they are only used once a year! That said, during this period have you ever checked the internal and external Christmas lights for fraying wires, or signs of overheating – probably not!

Christmas lights are just one of the many ignition sources that can cause a serious fire – here are just a few additional checks for you to make

Check that plugs and sockets are not showing signs of overheating

Don’t overload multi point connecters and never plug one connector into another.

Ensure all decorations are kept away from any forms of heating.

Never leave candles unattended and ensure they are placed on a safe surface away from any combustible materials.

Put in place an end of day procedure to ensure all electrical sources are turned off, plugs removed from their sockets and candles are extinguished properly.

Finally, make sure your employee’s or family members all know the Fire Safety Emergency Plan.

Keep safe and enjoy the Christmas festivities!

Do all Commercial and Residential premises in London and Manchester require Lightning Protection?

If a Premise which we are visiting is not in receipt of Lightning protection our Assessor will make an Assessment as to whether, in their opinion, it should be. If there is a possible requirement, the Assessor will identify this and suggest that a competent person should survey the building to establish if lighting protection is indeed required.  

The subsequent Report will identify that BS EN 62305-3:2011 gives general guidelines that should be followed to protect persons, as well as buildings and structures, including their installations and contents, from lightning.  The Report will identify that, by complying with these requirements, the Responsible Person can improve hazard prevention, reduce damage when lightning strikes and contribute to the electrical safety of their structures.  

If there is no apparent requirement for the Premise, Building to be in receipt of Lightning protection, this too will be identified, but with the recommendation that it should be considered, as it removes a possible Ignition source from a Premise, Building, and that this should be considered as part of any material roofing or structural repair and, or refurbishment. 

These preventative and protective measures are not only in accordance with recognised Guidance but also as a result of personal experience. 

In the process of inspecting a Five Storey Building converted into Residential Flats, the Building’s Caretaker identified that the Building had Lightning protection installed following a Lightning Strike which was “attracted” to the Building via Metal Roof Railings and an adjacent Satellite Dish. The strike materially damaged the Communal Television, Entertainment provisions and Communications provisions and irrevocably damaged several of the Residents Computers and Lap Tops.  

Obviously a “”striking” reminder of the importance of Lightning Protection.

If you are the ‘responsible person’ for a London or Manchester based commercial or residential premise and you are worried about your Fire Safety measures then contact London Fire Risk Assessments on 0781 8888626 their support team will be happy to talk through your concerns, alternatively click here.

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