A Pre-occupation Fire Safety Risk Assessment can save London & Manchester Bars, Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs a fortune. It is better to know the Fire Safety deficiencies and limits to capacity before you commit to a leasehold rather than after the deal has been done!

In these challenging times opening a new Bar, Restaurant, Pub or Club is a risky business, so before you make a commitment why not invest in a Pre-occupation Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

A Pre-occupation Fire Safety Risk Assessment will outline all the deficiencies and provide you with the total number of people you can safely have in the premise. It is far better to understand how much you will have to spend to put the Fire Safety deficiencies right and to know if you will be able to get enough people through the door to make a profit!

The following is just an example of what is considered in a Pre-occupation Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Means of Escape

Area Occupancy

Number of Escape Routes

These are just some factors that must be considered before you can confidently confirm the number of occupants for the premise. If the occupancy levels are not enough it may not be a viable premise for your to take on.

London Fire Risk Assessments have recommended Pre-occupation Fire Safety Risk Assessments to clients looking to open a new entertainment venue and over the years it has proven to save time and money. If you are thinking of investing in a new Bar, Restaurant, Pub or Club in London or Manchester then perhaps you should contact London Fire Risk Assessments on 0781 8888626 London or 07824 185293 Manchester we are here to help!

It’s Party time!!! Time to get out and celebrate Christmas and the New Year! So, all you London and Manchester Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Bars you better have all your Fire Safety under control and know your Fire Safety Emergency Plan!

Hopefully this year will be the year to really celebrate and make up for lost time! Hospitality was the sector hardest hit by the pandemic so let’s hope that they have a bumper Christmas and New Year!.   In turn we need the ‘Responsible Persons’ of the Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Bars to ensure that the Fire Safety for the premise is up to date and all Staff are fully trained in the Fire Safety Emergency Plan.

Fire Safety training is imperative as Staff will have to act swiftly and effectively in a time of Emergency. The Fire Safety Emergency Plan must be understood perfectly, and all Staff must be confident in their actions in order to keep their clients as safe as possible.

The Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the premise should have a Fire Safety Emergency Plan in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you don’t have a Fire Risk Assessment or a Fire Safety Emergency Plan, then the ‘Responsible Person’ for the premise must act quickly as they will be breaking the law.

If you need help, then give London Fire Risk Assessments a call – we have Risk Assessors that cover the whole of London and the M25 and Greater Manchester. Our friendly support teams will be happy to help you book a Fire Safety Inspection or just chat through you Fire Safety concerns. Call us on 0781 8888626 for our London team or 07824 185293 for Greater Manchester alternatively click here.