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Following a dispute in regards to the contents of a cpd submission a decision has been made to remove C Lewis from the IFE website. This has been challenged and is subject of continued discussion. Whilst this is ongoing LFRA are removing any reference to registration from their stationery and website. Because of restrictions in regards to work practices of our seo provider and required furlough restrictions, by necessity, this will be a progressive action.

Clive Lewis TIFireE

London Pub with Sleeping Accommodation informs London Fire Risk Assessments that the London Fire Brigade are requesting that Fire Risk Assessments should be undertaken by an IFE approved Assessor.

Just today, a customer who had previously been visited by London Fire Brigade, informed London Fire Risk Assessments that LFB are requesting that Fire Risk Assessments are undertaken by an Institution of Fire Engineers ‘Approved’ Assessor! Great news for all accredited Fire Risk Assessors not such good news for some unqualified Fire Protection Services.

When talking to customers London Fire Risk Assessments always stress the importance of appointing a ‘qualified’ and fully ‘insured’ Fire Safety Risk Assessor for their London premises. Obviously, customers need more than one Quote to compare prices but rather than relying on a general internet search LFRA always point them to the IFE website. All customers need to do is to go to the Register of ‘Approved’ Assessors and put in their postcode and a list of ‘Approved’ Assessor will come up in their area.

Everyone of the IFE Register has had to prove competency and supply a copy of their insurance certificates so customers can be sure they will be in safe hands.

Alternatively London Fire Risk Assessments would be happy to help – call their friendly team now on 01689 890879 or click here to arrange a Fire Safety Inspection.


London Fire Risk Assessments Introduces A New Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist As Part Of Their Risk Assessment Packages

As part of our Third Party Competency commitment, we have included a NEW Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist to all of our Fire Risk Assessment packages.

Our Checklist can be used as a means of supporting the Fire Safety Policy and identifying the required Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annual Inspection and Testing requirements and recommendations for your Premise.

The Tool is not meant as a substitute for a Risk Assessment but is meant to complement the Fire Safety Management Plan and give you the ability to Manage and Maintain your Active and Passive Fire Safety Prevention measures.

The Tool is generic and ideal for people managing Purpose Built Blocks of Flats, Flat Conversions, Residential Care Homes, Schools and Offices to name but a few, it can be simply modify, where necessary, to fit your needs.

There is also provision to incorporate the recommendations of Manufacturers and Installers of Fire Safety equipment such as Extinguishers and Fire Alarm systems that may have been installed in your Premise.

It should give you the Responsible Person, an opportunity to identify any concerns which may require further investigation and appropriate action. In larger and more complex Buildings it may highlight the need to seek the assistance of a competent person to carry out some of the checks.

London Fire Risk Assessments – always aiming to improve their service to their clients. Contact us now or Ring 01689 890879 to discuss the most suitable Risk Assessment package for you.

Landlords Note: The law changes in October 2015 – are you ready?

Landlords if you have not yet installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your rental properties you must do so by October this year!

The law is changing in regards to your obligation in providing alarm provisions in your rented properties.

The new requirements are: You must ensure that there is at least one smoke alarm per floor, as well as Carbon Monoxide alarms present in any rooms containing a fuel burning appliance. For more information <a title="Landlords – changes to the law are you ready" href="http://www cheapest levitra pills.landlordzone.co.uk/landlordzone-update/impending-changes-to-the-law-regarding-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-co-alarm-provision-in-rented-property#” target=”_blank”>click here

40 Years of the Health and Safety Act 1974

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 may now be 40 years old, but it still remains the primary piece of legislation covering work-related health and safety in the UK despite continuous changes to everyday working lives over the years.

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