London Fire Risk Assessments confirm ‘No Price Increase for Fire Risk Assessments in and around London and Manchester’.

With Businesses and Flat Owners all suffering the cost of living and energy increases, London Fire Risk Assessments have decided to take the burden and NOT increase their Fire Safety Risk Assessments prices. This will be a relief for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Shop owners as they are all legally required to have a current Fire Risk Assessment for their premise.

The same will apply to Factories, Warehouses, Care Homes the Education sector and even Flat owners trying to sell their London/Manchester Flat – so if you need a Fire Risk Assessment then contact London Fire Risk Assessments.

The ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessments package starts at £275 which includes

Fire Safety Inspection/Audit by a qualified Fire Risk Assessor

Fire Risk Assessment Report

Fire Safety Management Action Plan – Significant Findings

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety Emergency Plan

All the ‘parts’ required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for a suitable and sufficient Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

To book an appointment call 0781 8888626 (London) 07824 185293 (Manchester) alternatively click here there is a friendly support team ready to help you.

2022 A New Year and a great opportunity for all ‘Responsible Persons’ in London and Greater Manchester to step up and have a fresh approach to Fire Safety!

Perhaps in the past Fire Safety has been pushed onto the back burner as there are always other priorities but why not have a re-think and for 2022 make it the year to focus of Fire Safety!

As the identified ‘Responsible Person’ you are ultimately the person responsible for the safety of your Staff, Visitors, Residents and of course the Building! The buck lies with you! So instead of putting Fire Safety off why not sit down and rethink your priorities.

First Step – Check you Fire Safety Risk Assessment – is it up to date? Is it ‘suitable and sufficient’? Does it have a Fire Safety Emergency Plan? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above, then it’s time to get a move on and find a Fire Safety Risk Assessor who is qualified and insured to carryout a Fire Safety Inspection/Audit.

Don’t take a chance on just any Fire Protection Service company offering all kinds of cheap deals take your time and find someone independent, qualified and fully insured.

Once you have a Fire Safety Assessor onboard and the Fire Safety Risk Assessment has been completed it is then time for the identified ‘Responsible Person’ to step up and take control.

As part of the Fire Risk Assessment you will be supplied with a Fire Safety Management Plan – Significant Findings. This is basically your ‘job list’ – don’t just keep it in the drawer and think you have done your bit by getting and report in place – it’s only the beginning. It is your responsibility now to action on all the findings!

If you can’t physically complete the Fire Safety Actions yourself then you will need to call in the professionals, but you can’t ignore it. The Fire Safety Actions are what you have to do to put the Fire Safety deficiencies right. Get a good team of people around you and get the jobs done. It is imperative that you keep the Fire Safety Management Plan up to date so that if for some reason the Fire Brigade visit, or your insurance company want to see it – the document is up to date and informative as it reflects the level of Management in place.

London Fire Risk Assessments are an independent Fire Safety Consultancy based in London and Greater Manchester. We would be happy to chat through any of your Fire Safety concerns or we can book you in a Fire Safety Inspection/Audit. You can be confident that our advice is unbiased as we are completely independent of any Fire Protection Services or Networking Companies. Plus, all our Assessors are retired Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers – so we have been on both sides – fighting Fires and preventing them! Give our friendly support teams a call now on 0781 8888626 for London or 07824 185293 for Greater Manchester alternatively click here.

Fire Risk Assessments from £275 no VAT and no hidden extras! If you need a Fire Risk Assessment call us now on 0781 8888626

London Fire Risk Assessments have offices in London and Manchester and are able to provide small premises with a Fire Risk Assessment for £275 (there is no VAT added or any hidden extras). If you are selling your Flat or have a small Office, Shop or Café then call us now and book your Fire Safety Inspection Audit!

Our Fire Risk Assessments provide you with all the ‘parts’ required to satisfy the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The ‘parts’ include the Fire Safety Inspection/Audit, Fire Risk Assessment Report, Fire Safety Management Action Plan – Significant Findings, Fire Safety Policy and Fire Safety Emergency Plan.

Always check when shopping around for ‘deals’ that you don’t have to pay any extra for the above! Alternatively come to the independent, professionals – London Fire Risk Assessments their friendly team will be happy to help you. Call 0781 8888626 for London and 07824 185293 for Manchester.

London Fire Risk Assessments, not only as a purchaser, but also by virtue of Qualifying in Fire Risk Assessment with Colin Todd Associates, are licensed to carry out Fire Risk Assessments utilising the PAS 79 Pro Forma.

Our Fire Risk Assessments identify the Significant Hazards and People at Risk should a Fire occur. The Fire Risk Assessment identifies the measures provided to prevent a Fire starting, spreading and to effectively safeguard and, or evacuate all people in the Premise.

This is achieved by identifying existing and required Preventative measures, Protective measures. Measures to allow effective containment and, or evacuation and recommended actions to be taken leading to suggested Timescales.

Form and Format of Documentation follows Guidance from the Fire Protection Association and The Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities, formerly Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government MHCLG January 2020, formerly Department for Communities Local Government Guidance Fire Safety Risk Assessments and are assessed with regards to PAS 79-1 2020 revisions.

London Fire Risk Assessments are independent, Fire Safety professionals, all Assessors are retired London Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers and are qualified to deliver suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessments. Call now on 0781 8888626 to book your Fire Safety Inspection/Audit.

With Halloween and Fire Work Night safely delivered, now many Shops, Cafes and Restaurants turn their focus towards Christmas! After a restricted year last year perhaps, it might be nice to get the twinkling lights and bauble’s out a little earlier!

It is not just Shops, Cafes and Restaurants who like to decorate, you have Offices, Hotels, Care Homes and Schools all wanting to add a bit of sparkle to their environment – after all it is the time to be jolly!

But, first let us take a minute to think about Fire safety because after all the last thing we want is a Fire! Remember that the Christmas decorations have been hidden in a cupboard or in a loft space for a year and before you use them (especially the lights) we need to check for any signs of damage. Are there any bare wires or is there any signs of overheating and check how many years you have had them – ask yourself is it time for a new set?

Candles is another serious consideration, why not try the LED candles there are some super ones that give a great ambiance, and they are a lot safer!

The other important check is making sure that the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the premise is current and any deficiencies identified within the report have been addressed. Its important to keep you risk of Fire low and any additional ignitions sources need to be monitored closely.

If you would like any Fire Safety advice before you start your Christmas preparations or you want to book a Fire Safety Risk Assessment, then give us a call. We have a friendly support team in London (0781 8888626) and Manchester (07824 185293) or click here to book an appointment.