It’s Halloween ……. time for scary tricks and spooky fun!!!! Keep your children safe and replace the candles with LED batteries lights.

The scary ticks and spooky fun is about to begins –  children love the dressing up and the trick or treating!!

Lets make it a safe night, just take a little time out to make sure that the environment you are creating for the children is a safe one. Remember a lot of the dressing up costumes are long and flowing and have labels stating ‘Keep away from Fire’ so having a real candle burning in a pumpkin may not be such a good idea.

Children get excited and dash around to capture the moment – if you are having a bbq to add to the occasion remember to have a Fire blanket near by – its better to be safe than sorry!

London Fire Risk Assessments wish you all a Happy Halloween – Enjoy the night but put your children’s safety first!!