Manchester Fire Risk Assessments are available with an Express Delivery Service! No need to wait, we can deliver a suitable and sufficient Fire Safety Risk Assessment in 5 working days!

If you are the ‘identified’ Responsible Person for any commercial premise in or around Manchester including an Office, Shop, or you have a Flat for Sale and you need a Fire Safety Risk Assessment carried out quickly in order to complete a sale – then call London Fire Risk Assessments new Manchester division! We have a dedicated team waiting to help you.

LFRA’s Manchester division offers a Standard Fire Safety Risk Assessments which includes the following –

Fire Safety Inspection and Audit

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Management Action Plan – Significant Findings

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety Emergency Plan

All the ‘parts’ required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

By using our Express Service we can deliver your Fire Safety Risk Assessment within 5 working days from the Fire Safety Inspection and Audit.

All our Fire Risk Assessors are retired Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers who have had many years experience in putting Fires out and preventing them! So why wait – call now on 07824 185293 or click here for a free quote.