London Fire Risk Assessments confirm ‘No Price Increase for Fire Risk Assessments in and around London and Manchester’.

With Businesses and Flat Owners all suffering the cost of living and energy increases, London Fire Risk Assessments have decided to take the burden and NOT increase their Fire Safety Risk Assessments prices. This will be a relief for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Shop owners as they are all legally required to have a current Fire Risk Assessment for their premise.

The same will apply to Factories, Warehouses, Care Homes the Education sector and even Flat owners trying to sell their London/Manchester Flat – so if you need a Fire Risk Assessment then contact London Fire Risk Assessments.

The ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessments package starts at £275 which includes

Fire Safety Inspection/Audit by a qualified Fire Risk Assessor

Fire Risk Assessment Report

Fire Safety Management Action Plan – Significant Findings

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety Emergency Plan

All the ‘parts’ required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for a suitable and sufficient Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

To book an appointment call 0781 8888626 (London) 07824 185293 (Manchester) alternatively click here there is a friendly support team ready to help you.