London Fire Risk Assessments is supporting a Greek charity – Attika. Attika operates a humanitarian warehouse hub that provides Non-Government Charities (NGO’s) with desperately needed supplies for the homeless and vulnerable refugees on the mainland and the Greek islands.

So why are we helping Attika – they are fighting for survival its as simple as that! The war in Ukraine and Palestine the environmental disasters all over the world and the energy crisis has captured the media attention resulting in the refugee crisis in Greece being forgotten.

What do Attika supply to NGO’s – from they central hub in Athens they supply food, hygiene products, mother and baby packs, nappies, coats, pushchairs, blankets, tents, sleeping bags and so much more.

What Attika needs to survivethey need donations! Donations have dried up and many NGO’s have already crashed, including FoodKind a wonderful charity that supplied a daily hot meal to the Malakasa refugee camp. That meal was probably the only one desperately hungry people had. If Attika do not get donations they too will crash and as a consequence so will many, many grass root NGO’s who rely on them.

What can you do – It is a lot to ask but they need funds. If you are a London based Company in the Fire Safety industry with a Greek connection or just a passion for Greece, then you could give a Company donation. If you are a person who just sees the desperation in the country and you would love to help then please click here or go to  and help the forgotten crisis.