The UK Government ‘Recovery Strategy’ has now been unveiled. It is time for the ‘Recovery Strategy’ to begin, slowly and cautiously, ensuring peoples safety is at the forefront of any decisions or actions. London Fire Risk Assessments is available to guide you through the new Guidance Documents so you feel both supported and confident.

Wednesday 13th May – the day that England moved into the first stage of recovery. The UK Government have issued 8 new ‘Recovery Strategy’ Guidance Documents to help sectors take ‘baby steps’ towards opening their businesses – slowly and cautiously.

The first step is for the ‘Responsible Person’ or their ‘Representative to go to here you will find the 8 Guidance Documents.

Construction and other outdoor work

Factories, Plants and Warehouses

Labs and Research Facilities

Offices and Contact Centres


Restaurants offering Takeaway or Delivery

Shops and Branches


Once you have read the relevant Guidance you will then have to think about how to apply these safety measures to your workplace. This is when you may want to talk through your plans with Clive Lewis TIFireE the Managing Director of London Fire Risk Assessments – just so you feel a little more confident moving forward

London Fire Risk Assessments advice is free so pick up the phone if you have a worry and call 0781 8888626 or click here.