Does your London Pub, Restaurant, Night Club or Events Venue have a compliant Fire Safety Risk Assessment? If the answer is no you could have your licence revoked!!

A Pub has had its licence revoked due to Fire Safety failings. It was found that the premise had no Fire Safety Risk Assessment and that the automatic Fire detection system and Emergency Lighting were not being maintained. Added to this inadequate Staff training and failure to maintain Fire Fighting equipment were other areas of Fire Safety concern.

The Pub was served with an informal ‘Notice’, which required a Fire Safety Risk Assessment to be performed and Emergency Lighting and a fully operational Fire detection system to be reinstated.

Another visit from the Authorities confirmed that no Fire Safety Risk Assessment had been carried out, and that the Emergency Lighting and Fire Detection had not been maintained as previously required.

As a result a Priority Enforcement ‘Notice’ relating to non compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was issued.

At a licensing hearing the licence holder for the premises, had the premises licence revoked.

Licence holders should recognise the importance of taking positive action to keep their Staff and members of the Public safe from Fire.

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One of the duties of a “Responsible Person” is to keep Staff fully trained in Fire Safety so that they can react swiftly and calmly in a time of Emergency.

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Are all you Fire Marshal’s up to date with their Training – Do you have enough Fire Marshal’s for your premise!

One of the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is that Staff should have continuous Fire Safety Training. The Fire Risk Assessment for your London based premise should identify if your Fire Marshal Training has been kept up to date and if you have enough Fire Marshal’s to help evacuate the premise in a time of Emergency.

In many cases it seems that there is never enough time to get round to the Fire Safety Training everyone is always so busy. It should be one of the ‘Responsible Persons’ priorities to ‘make time’ and to ensure that Staff are fully trained so as to aid a safe evacuation in a time of Emergency.

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The Trainer arrives at your premise so the atmosphere is relaxed and there is minimal disruption to the working day. The Fire Marshal Training is 4hrs and can be adapted to meet your specific needs/concerns. The session can accommodate up to 10 persons so its great value for money.

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