London Fire Risk Assessments will be providing London Offices, Schools, Residential Care Homes, Shops, Hotel, Bars and Restaurants with a ‘Dual Purpose’ Fire Risk Assessment – saving clients time and precious funds.

What do we mean by ‘Dual Purpose’ – when our Fire Risk Assessors inspect a premise it represents a ‘snap shot in time’, they will identify any Fire Safety deficiencies and then provide solutions to put them right in the Fire Safety Management Plan. Right now your Fire Risk Assessment will reflect how the premise is being used in these ‘Covid’ days. As we all know premises are being used very differently including the means of escape and even occupancy and staffing levels.

So what happens when, in a few months time, your premise will resume ‘normal’ practice? You will have to ‘review and revise’ you existing Fire Safety Risk Assessment or you will have to appoint a third party competent person (such as London Fire Risk Assessments) to do it for you. This inevitably will result in additional costs and that is something we can all do without!

Solution! London Fire Risk Assessments will be providing clients with a Fire Safety Risk Assessment detailing how the premise is being used in these ‘Covid’ days AND how it is perceived the premise would be used when ‘normal’ practice is resumed!!! A ‘Dual Purpose’ Fire Safety Risk Assessment – saving you time and money!

Call London Fire Risk Assessments now on 0781 8888626 to book your Fire Safety Inspection or click here and one of our support team will get in touch. For inspections booked in July, August or September quote LFRA Covid-Safe for your 10% discount