London Schools and Colleges, is your Fire Risk Assessment up to date? London Fire Risk Assessments have Fire Safety Inspections available for the Easter holidays – BOOK NOW!

London Schools and Colleges have done a fabulous job organising the Covid-19 testing and the safe return for all our children. London Fire Risk Assessments would like to say “Thank You” to all the Staff and Volunteers that have made it possible.

With the Easter holidays quickly approaching now is the time to dust off the existing Fire Safety Risk Assessment and make sure it is up to date and reflects all the changes that you have had to make to meet the Covid-19 guidance.

If you need a Fire Safety Inspection and would like to book an appointment for the Easter holidays contact London Fire Risk Assessment now on 0781 8888626 or click here for a free quotation.

London based Universities, Colleges, Schools and Nurseries have you booked your annual Fire Safety Inspection?

With the Summer holidays fast approaching its the perfect time for School environments to carry out any Fire Safety repairs, but first you need to book your Fire Safety inspection!

It is imperative that London based Universities, Colleges, Primary, Secondary and Independent Schools and Nurseries keep their Fire Safety Risk Assessment up to date as they are responsible for keeping many vulnerable children and students safe from Fire.

However it is not always easy to programme in the Fire Safety Inspection/Audit as the school year is extremely busy so what is the solution?

Forward planning! If you book your Fire Safety Inspection/Audit in the May half term holiday you will have your Fire Risk Assessment delivered in time for you to organise any works identified and programme them in during the summer holidays! Job done!

To book your Fire Safety Inspection/Audit contact London Fire Risk Assessments on 01689 890879 or click here – don’t leave it too late they get booked up real quick!

Last chance for London Nurseries, Schools and Colleges to book a Fire Risk Assessment Inspection for the Half Term!

Is your Fire Risk Assessment up to date? Do you need to book your Fire Safety Inspection this Half Term? Book now or you may be disappointed!

It is the Responsibility of the HeadTeacher or the Board of Governors to ensure that the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for their Nursery, School or College is kept up to date. Keeping vulnerable Children safe is a huge responsibility so don’t take any chances book an inspection now!

Contact London Fire Risk Assessments and we will arrange for one of our qualified Fire Risk Assessors to come to site – call 01689 890879 or click here.

London Nurseries, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities did you manage to have your Fire Safety Inspection carried out in the Summer Holidays? No! Then book now for the October Half term!

The Summer Holidays are over and the new school term is about to start and you have missed the opportunity to have your annual Fire Safety Inspection carried out  – not to worry book now and if your specifically want an Fire Safety Inspection carried out in the October Half Term reserve you appointment slot now!

The most important thing is to make sure your Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your London based nursery, school, college or university is up to date. Keeping your students safe is of paramount importance – so double check when your renewal is due and book a ‘Qualified’ Fire Safety Risk Assessor to carry out the inspection.

London Fire Risk Assessments are not only members of the Institution of Fire Engineers they are on their ‘Approved’ Register of Qualified Assessors. So don’t take a chance always check that the Risk Assessor carrying out the Fire Safety inspection is qualified and that the Company is fully insured!

If you want to book an appointment with London Fire Risk Assessments then contact our friendly team on 01689 890879 or go to our contact page.

London Nurseries, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges summer is fast approaching so, is it time to book your Fire Safety Inspection?

Summer Term has started and the Summer holidays are fast approaching. Is it time for you to book your Fire Safety Inspection so that you can get any identified remedial works booked in for the 6 weeks Summer holidays?

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at your School’s Fire Safety Risk Assessment and check that it is all up to date. If it’s not perhaps now is the time to start getting the ball rolling and arrange for a Fire Safety Inspection/ Audit.

Once your Fire Safety Inspection has been carried out you will be presented with a new Fire Safety Risk Assessment. Included in your documentation you should have a Fire Safety Management Plan – Significant Findings. This is primarily your ‘job list’– it will identify all your Fire Safety Actions, what you have to do to put them right and a timescale to do it in. This handy tool is all you need to get the jobs done!

London Fire Risk Assessments are an independent Company and Fire Risk Assessing is our core business. You can be sure we deliver unbiased advice and recommendations, as we are not affiliated to any Fire Protection Equipment Supply Company. All our Fire Risk Assessor’s are retired London Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officers and have all qualified with the Institution of Fire Engineers. So keep your Nursery, Primary, Secondary School and College safe from Fire – book your appointment today! Call now on 01689 890879 or click here one of our friendly team will call you back.