Storage Cupboard Fire in Thornton Heath

A man was injured after a fire in flats above a row of shops on the High Street in Thornton Heath yesterday evening. He was taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service suffering from minor burns. Two other people left the flats before the Brigade arrived at the scene. Crew Manager Adam Hills, who was at the fire said:

“None of the flats in the building had smoke alarms fitted. It is vital that you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home and test it regularly, as it gives you early warning in the event of a fire.”

Firefighters confined the blaze to a storage room on the first floor, which was badly damaged in the blaze.

Four fire engines and 21 firefighters and officers from Norbury and West Norwood attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments Advice: Storage cupboards in the common areas of Residential premises are usually the responsibility of the Residents. So often our ‘Co-ordinating Team’ witness storage up to the ceiling, sometimes even damaging the ceiling itself and the lighting. Reducing Fire loading should be a priority – if you don’t want the items don’t store them remove them from site.

Soho tailor fire prompts halogen light warning

A tailor’s workshop on the top floor of a building on Foubert’s Place in Soho was damaged by fire. London Fire Brigade Fire investigators believe the blaze may have been caused by the radiant heat from a halogen wall light placed too close to a wooden shelf and other combustible items.

The blaze has prompted a safety warning about keeping bright lights, such as halogen lamps, away from combustible materials.

A passer-by raised the alarm and called the Brigade after spotting smoke outside the premises.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus forced entry to the tailor’s workshop and brought the fire under control. The fire was confined to the workshop, which was partly damaged by the blaze.

London Fire Brigade’s Head of Fire Investigation Charlie Pugsley said:

“Very bright lights, such as halogen lamps, can get incredibly hot and set fire to combustible materials so it’s important to keep them well away from anything that might catch fire, such as wood or fabric. Keep clothing, sheets, and curtains well away too and always turn them off when you leave the room.”

Two fire engines and around 12 firefighters and officers from Soho fire station attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: Keeping combustible materials and combustible waste away for ignition sources is so important. The LFRA co-ordinating team monitor the levels of combustibles at all the sites they project manage – “It is an ongoing issue in some premises to get people to reduce their Fire Loading. People think we are overly cautious and that their few items of storage cant possibly make a difference”. “We have seen Residential Storage cupboards crammed so full that the items stored have broken the internal cupboard light and damaged the false ceilings”. It is so important to keep Fire Loading to a minimum and all combustibles away from ignition sources – The Fire Risk Assessment for you premise should identify and deficiency in regards to Fire Loading so check it out.

For more information on our Co-ordinating service click here

Clive Lewis TIFireE joins Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London Show

London Fire Risk Assessments Managing Director Clive Lewis TIFireE joins Vanessa Feltz in a discussion on Fire Safety. The discussion was in response to the emotional interview given by Claudia Winkleman on the dreadful incident on 31st October 2014 – Halloween night – when her eight-year-old daughter, Matilda, was taken to hospital after being seriously injured when her witch’s costume caught fire.

Claudia described the horrendous incident and how she and a friend patted the Fire out but every time they stopped the Fire would start up again just like the ‘magic’ relighting’ candles you can get for Birthday Cakes.

Vanessa wanted to know what her ‘Lovely Listeners’ should do in a similar incident.

Clive gave the following advice: Stop, Drop and Roll

  • Bring the person to the ground
  • Smother the flames with a coat, table cloth, blanket ideally a Fire Blanket
  • Keep rolling them until the Fire is out

Clive described a similar incident in a Night Club when a man, wearing alcohol based aftershave fell on a T-light and caught alight. The man did the complete opposite to Stop, Drop and Roll and panicked which led to the man “going up like a candle himself”.

Clive pointed out the Responsible Person of the Night Club was fined £5,000 for not training his Staff on what to do in such a circumstance.

Citing a personal experience Vanessa took the opportunity to seek Clive’s advice on the evacuation of Hotel – to listen to the full discussion click here

Seventeen Rescued from a Cheam care home Fire

London Fire Brigade Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus rescued  residents and staff from a fire at a nursing home on The Avenue in Cheam, Sutton, SM2, during the early hours of the morning.

Sutton police officers also assisted in the rescue, helping evacuate residents from the ground floor while firefighters rescued those residents on the fire affected first floor of the home.

The fire left the nursing home’s roof gutted and badly damaged the first floor of the two storey home.

In total 14 residents – five from the fire affected first floor and nine from the ground floor – were rescued from the building, along with three members of staff.

Station Manager Simon Brownings who was at the scene said: “When they arrived our crews were faced with a serious fire which was affecting the top floor and roof space of the nursing home. Firefighters worked hard to bring it under control and thankfully the property was safely evacuated with no injuries to anyone involved.”

Six fire engines and around 30 firefighters from Mitcham, New Malden, Wallington, Sutton and Purley fire stations attended the incident, along with an aerial ladder platform from Wimbledon.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: Looking after vulnerable persons is a huge responsibility and their safety in times of emergency must always be a top priority. A Fire Risk Assessment from a fully qualified, third party competent person is the first safeguard. Preventing a Fire is the priority and a professional Fire Risk Assessment will identify all areas of deficiency – these should be acted upon as outlined to reduce the risk of Fire. If the worst happens and a Fire does break out the Fire Safety Emergency Plan supplied will reflect the needs of the vulnerable persons and get them out of the premise as quickly and as safely as possible along with the Staff of course!. Let the Fire Safety Experts do their job – to read more click here

London Fire Brigade has reported two Warehouse fire’s in London within 3 days.

Deptford – Around 58 firefighters and officers tackled a warehouse fire on a business park on Trundleys Road – there was no report of injuries and the cause of fire is under investigation.

Uxbridge – A disused warehouse in an industrial estate on Arundel Road in Uxbridge was damaged by fire. A member of the public returning home after work raised the alarm after spotting smoke in the area. The single-storey warehouse was badly damaged by the blaze. Fortunately, no one was injured. Six fire engines and around 35 firefighters and officers from Hillingdon, Hayes, Ruislip, Southall and Heathrow fire stations attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: A Fire Risk Assessment on a Factory or Warehouse, carried out by London Fire Risk Assessments would have due regards to relevant Guidance including; Department for Communities and Local Guidance.  Fire Safety Risk Assessment. Factories and Warehouses. ISBN-13:978 1 851 12 816 7

This would enable the Responsible Person to handle and store flammable substances and combustible materials safely and help them to determine the necessary precautions to take

to minimise the likelihood of them being involved in any Fire. Click here to read more