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London Fire Risk Assessments Approach To The Coronavirus

LFRA’s Obligation:

The Appointment will be cancelled and hopefully rescheduled as soon as possible if the designated Assessor is unwell.

LFRA will confirm on the morning of the appointment if the Inspection is to take place.

This will be after the following steps have been taken:

The appointed Risk Assessor will take his/her temperature before he/she leaves the office/home. If their temperature is above 37 degree centigrade the inspection will be terminated.

If the Risk Assessor or any of his/her family members have any Coronavirus symptoms (i.e. Temperature, Sore Throat, Dry Cough) OR has contact with any persons with Coronavirus symptoms the Inspection will be terminated.

Procedures for the Assessor:

The Assessor will wash his/her hands with soap and water. If the facilities are unavailable, he/she will use a sanitiser immediately before and after the inspection.

The Assessor will not have any contact (i.e. shaking hands) with the Clients or the representative.

The Assessor will keep the recommended distance (2 meters min) from other persons and will, as far as possible, avoid contact with any surfaces.

Any items the Assessor brings to site will be disinfected.

If the Assessor sneezes or coughs whilst onsite he/she will use a tissue and place it in a plastic bag (which will be provided by LFRA) and disposed of accordingly.

If either the Assessor or the Client is “uncomfortable” at anytime, then either party can terminate the Inspection.

All LFRA Report Folders will be wiped with disinfectant before packaging and posting.


As far as possible the Client is to confirm on the morning of the Inspection/Audit that all employees are clear of Coronavirus symptoms.

If possible, hand washing facilities to be made available.

The Client or the representative will not attempt any physical contact with the Assessor.

The Client or representative must maintain a safe distance.

All keys given to the Assessor to access cupboards and service rooms must be wiped with disinfectant.

All relevant persons should continue to follow existing Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work