Are you selling your London Flat? About to Exchange? Do you need a quick Fire Safety Risk Assessment? Then London Fire Risk Assessments ‘Express’ service is what you need!

London Fire Risk Assessments take so many calls from Clients that need an urgent Fire Safety Risk Assessment so that they can complete on the sale of their property. Luckily for them we have our ‘Express’ package to help save the day!

A fully qualified Fire Safety Risk Assessor will inspect the common areas of your building and within 5 working days you will have your Fire Safety Risk Assessment. Our Auditor has qualified with the Institution of Fire Engineers and before release to the client, audits all our Fire Risk Assessments so you can be sure of a ‘suitable and sufficient’ package.

Don’t take any chances as the internet will always find Fire Protection Equipment Suppliers offering really cheap Fire Risk Assessments – But stop! you need to check that the Assessor is qualified to do the job and that the company is fully insured. If your Solicitor does not deem your Fire Risk Assessment as ‘suitable a sufficient’ you may have to get another one done! So cheapest is not always the best!!!

London Fire Risk Assessments is an Independent Risk Assessment Company, Fire Risk Assessments are our core business. We are not affiliated to any Fire Protection Equipment supplier so you can be sure of unbiased advice.

We have a friendly team waiting to provide you with Free Fire Safety Advice and a Free Quotation – Ring now on 01689 890879 or click here.

Remember if you need your Fire Safety Risk Assessment urgently – ‘Express is Best’