Businesses in London and Manchester must review their Fire Emergency Plans before they reopen after Lockdown to ensure Staff and members of the Public are kept safe.

Businesses’ across London and Manchester will be reopening after weeks of lockdown – but we still must adhere to the Covid-19 secure guidelines. Whilst this is of course a priority so to is reviewing the Fire Safety Emergency Plan for the Business!

Keeping Staff and members of the Public safe in an emergency is imperative and the existing Fire Safety Emergency Plan included in your Fire Safety Risk Assessment may not reflect the premises as it is today. The following are just a few points for the identified ‘Responsible Person’ to consider.

If you are operating a ‘one-way system’ in your premise, how does that affect your evacuation plan?

Assembly Point – does your existing Assembly Point allow enough room for people to social distance?

Are hand sanitiser stations or washing facilities on the means of escape and will they hinder the evacuation or re-entry into the building?

Have you changed the location of any storage in order to accommodate a one-way system, if so check that you have maintained a clear route through the means of escape.

If you need help reviewing your Fire Emergency Plan for your premise in London or Manchester or your Fire Safety Risk Assessment is out of date you should act now!

London Fire Risk Assessments have a support team for London and Manchester and are waiting to help you call now on 07818888626 (London) or 07824 185293 (Manchester) alternatively click here.