Covid-19. The need to Review your Fire Risk Assessments

The National Fire Chiefs Council Covid19 Protection-Advice to Business.

The need to Review Fire Risk Assessments – Fire Safety law is still applicable, namely the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and many premises, whether they have remained open or not, are experiencing changes in risk. In all cases, premises should be aware of these changes in risk and review their Fire Risk Assessments accordingly, to ensure they are suitable and sufficient. Responsible Persons should always be reminded to seek advice form a competent Fire Risk Assessor where doubt exists.

Premises About to Re-Open

With premises starting to re-open again there are points which need to be considered regarding Fire Safety. On return to a premises it may be necessary to review and update the premises FRA to ensure it is current and reflects the way the premises is operating.

Points to consider may include (not exhaustive):

Where staffing and occupant levels have changed this may affect evacuation arrangements in event of Fire.

Where parts of the premises are not being used or are being used differently e.g. working and operating practices may have changed due to rearrangement of layouts, this may affect the means of escape.

Ensuring means of escape are easily available as they may not have been used for some time or where an escape route is shared, and other premises remain closed.

Reviewing measures implemented to increase security/reduce the risk of arson whilst the premises have not been used, as these may have adversely affected fire safety measures.

Reviewing storage and stock levels e.g. the amount and positioning of stock.

Where fire safety measures have not been maintained e.g. automatic fire alarm and detection systems or automatic fire suppression systems and have not received their routine servicing or testing.

Staff training – if this has not been undertaken for some time or new staff have started, then they should be provided with appropriate fire safety training.

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