If you are a registered Host for Airbnb or Bookings.com and have paying guests you must have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your London Premise!

Momentum is building to pressurise the Government to ensure that all ‘Hosts’ with ‘Paying Guests’ that use internet platforms such as Airbnb and Bookings.com must carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the accommodation they are renting.

London Hoteliers are frustrated by the fact that these premises are ‘slipping through the net’ and not following the Fire Safety regulations that are set out for premises accommodating ‘Paying Guests’.

Even if you are only renting out a room in your home for the summer season you still must have a Fire Risk Assessment in place.

London Fire Risk Assessments contacted Bookings.com with a suggested solution for this problem – a simple flame icon on the ‘Host’s’ profile page to show they are responsible and have a Fire Risk Assessment in place. We suggested that perhaps the ‘Hosts’ displaying this symbol should have a priority position on the site. In our mind this would not cost Bookings.com much to incorporate on their site but to date we have had no acknowledgement of our suggestion! Well we tried!

So all ‘Hosts’ out there firstly check with your insurance as we are sure in the small print there will be a clause stating you must have a Fire Risk Assessment in place if you are renting out your premise. Secondly don’t wait until something goes wrong – get a Fire Risk Assessment now!

Call London Fire Risk Assessments to book an inspection 01689 890879 or go to our contact page now.