London Fire Risk Assessments helps with the Greek Wild Fires!

London Fire Risk Assessments Managing Director Clive Lewis TIFireE once again offers his service to help prevent anymore wild Fires in his favourite holiday resort Vlastos Greece.

Vlastos is not very far from the tragic scene of Mati and last year Vlastos came very close to having an extreme Fire that could have wiped out the whole community. Thankfully for the residents of Vlastos and nearby Kalamos the wind changed direction and the community was saved from complete disaster.

Clive Lewis says ” Its all about prevention and changing mindsets – we must clear the common areas that are being used for dumping old garden rubbish and make house owners responsible for getting rid of their waste properly’. Clive put a team of volunteers together and it took 3 days to clear a common area that is situated right bang in the middle of a Residential area!

LFRA’s team are very proud of their MD who always leads by example and not worried about getting his hands dirty!! You can always contact London Fire Risk Assessments if you have any Fire Safety concerns call 01689 890879