The new requirements introduced by the Fire Safety Act has place more enthesis on the ‘Responsible Person’ or ‘Duty Holder’ to ensure that the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for their Building/Premise is ‘suitable and sufficient’.

All industry sectors will be affected so if you are the Responsible Person for a Building/Premise in London or Manchester you must ensure that the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out by an accredited Fire Risk Assessor.

The accreditation will confirm that the Fire Risk Assessor has proved competency in Fire Safety and will provide your with a detailed Fire Safety Risk Assessment rather than the cheaper tick box format.

London Fire Risk Assessments Fire Risk Assessors have proved competency and are on the National Register of Accredited Fire Risk Assessors.

If you need a Fire Risk Assessment for your Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Care Home, School or any Commercial premise then contact London Fire Risk Assessments on 0781 8888626 London or 07824 185293 Manchester – Our friendly team is waiting to help you.