Fire safety prevention for blocks of Flat in London – thinking of having a BBQ?

What a sizzling summer we are having and of course there is nothing nicer than getting the old BBQ out and enjoying some alfresco dining!!

The London Fire Brigade website has some excellent advice to help you prevent an accident. One thing is for sure you should never have a BBQ on your balcony! It’s a definite no, no! It is surprising how many Residents in Blocks of Flats ignore the advice of the Fire Brigade and the Fire Risk Assessment for the Block of Flats.

Our Co-ordinating team, when checking buildings always find one or two BBQ’s hidden in the corner of Residents balconies – even Gas BBQ’s with propane cylinders!!! Amazing risk they take. LFRA have had heated discussions with Resident Committees as to why they can’t have their BBQ’s on their own balconies. The solution of course, is if you have communal gardens arrange a safe area for your BBQ. Carry out a dynamic Risk Assessment of the area and appoint a Responsible Person. Make sure you have in place preventative measures – like a Fire Blanket or a Sand bucket just incase it all goes wrong.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice to customers: Check your Fire Risk Assessment for your Residential Block of Flats and ensure you follow the advice given. If it all goes wrong you will be causing harm to not only your immediate family and friends but to the other Residents of the Premise. Your insurance may also be void if you decide to go against the advice of your Risk Assessment. Contact us now if you require any further advice 01689 890879