Does your Fire Risk Assessment identify you are overloading your electrical sockets??

One of the most common Fire Safety Actions identified within Fire Risk Assessments in London Offices, Schools, Shops and Restaurants is the overloading of electrical sockets. Have a look at your Risk Assessment and if that is the case you can check if you are overloading the socket by going to either the London Fire Brigade website or Electrical Safety First site. Here you will find a fantastic tool the ‘socket calculator’. You are given a range of appliances to choose from and all you do is drag the item down and it plugs into a socket – there is room for 4 appliances. The Electrical Safety First site gives you some good advice as to how to prevent a Fire in your Premise. Definitely worth a visit!

London Fire Risk Assessments advice to customers: Always carry out regular checks of your electrical appliances.

  • Look for any signs of overheating around the socket or plug and even the appliance.
  • Check for a smell of hot plastic or burning near an appliance or socket
  • Are there any damaged or frayed leads – can you see coloured wire inside leads
  • Any sparks or smoke coming out of the plug or appliance
  • Switch off as many appliances as possible over night and if you are not using them unplug them
  • Make sure your appliances are regularly tested – PAT
  • Ensure your Premise has a current 5 year periodical test.

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