International Rescue! LFRA Hero – Clive Lewis attacks car fire and saves lives!

London Fire Risk Assessments MD – Clive Lewis TIFireE saves the day whilst travelling on holiday!

Driving from England to Greece for his annual vacation, Mr Lewis pulled into a service station on the Italian coast to refuel. As he entered the services station he passed a stationery care and there was a sudden, forceful BOOM! He felt the impact but knew instantly that he hadn’t been hit by another car.

He carried on and parked the car at a safe distance and went to investigate, at the same time the whole of the service station rest area was evacuating. People and cars were frantically racing to get out and away. Mr Lewis however picked up a Fire Extinguisher and ran towards a stationery, burning car. The two occupants got out safely and Mr Lewis attacked the Fire!

A Fire Marshal then came running to assist but it was already under control – Mr Lewis our very own hero!